1994 Subaru Legacy SS


No rust at all. It came from California.
Brent Heinen in the club bought it at auction and had it shipped back and he fixed it up.
it had a dent on the rocker below the passenger doors.
hood has some dents. scratch on roof. when Brent got it, it had been hit in the front, and he put on a bumper and fender.
after his repairs he got it inspected and titled. (salvage title)
I had new keys cut off the VIN. It's been my daily driver for just over a year now. I've put 14k on it. it now has 174k on it.
Completely Stock EJ22T engine with VF11 turbo.
5 speed trans.
4 wheel disc brakes. vented all around I believe.
CD player does not work
WRX seat covers.

Work done to it since I got it:

  • timing belt
  • all front seals including cam seals
  • front AC idler pulley
  • PCV tube
  • good remanned right front axle
  • Exedy WRX clutch kit and replaced plastic inspection cover with metal one.
  • new 195/60R15 Cooper CS4 V-rated tires on 15x7 Kosei K-1 Racing Alloys
  • replaced power antenna
  • replaced trashed stock speakers with new ones (still cheap though)
  • Yakima SST towers and clips with 48" load bars

    Parts I have to go with it.

  • TD04 Turbo
  • V2 WRX slant IC
  • 2007 Forester XT IC
  • 2002 WRX Hood Scoop
  • 2008 WRX coolant tank (stock one is known to be brittle)
  • Complete set of WRX (bugeye) struts 70k (will actually lift car 1")
  • spare set of WRX springs 38k
  • "coffee cup mod" cup for silencer delete.
  • set of new OEM front rotors.
  • Rattle can of Paint to match + can of clear as far as problems. there was an oil drip at the tubor line where it goes into the head but I have a new o-ring for that. (was going to do that with the turbo swap) last summer the AC worked most of the time, but occasionally would not kick on. the sunroof sometime didn't work too, but has been working fine recently. drivers seatbelt works, but the little cloth tag wore out, so now the tag that says "replace belt" is now visble. IT has the automatic seatbelts, which most people don't like, but I don't really mind them...

    $2500 or Best Offer

    Most Recent Picture

    Pic from this past summer

    Pics when I bought it from Brent

    Pic of the front damage when Brent got it.