1972 Chevy K20 Long Bed

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Past work on it...

Starting Point: Vehicle had been sitting for years just around the corner from my house...

Found a good seat in a junkyard from a '69 GMC and put a neoprene cover on it...

Seat and Mid 70's steering wheel installed

Paint test to see how close it was... used Shift boot ring as teat, and installed cup-holder.

Chevy Crate 350 Engine with 250 hp

Custom made heavy duty running boards from Midwest Customs...

Hood, Cowl, and Antenna. All used items.

Put some gutter guard material under the Cowl to keep leave and debris out...

Used chrome blade style wheels with new Firestone Destination ATs

Complete List of Work Completed...

New Stuff put on.

gas tank, sender, grommet, cap
Crate 350 Engine, custom dual exhaust
heavy duty trans cooler
overload spring leaves for rear
Holley 600 cfm carb, electric choke
carb adapter
4-core radiator
heater core
285/75R16 Firestone Destination AT tires (33”)
neoprene seat cover
Master Cylinder and Booster
gas pedal
D44 large bearing spindles and installation incl. shafts, ujoints, etc…
Spicer D44 upgraded u-joints
heater controls rebuild kit
front bumper bolts
transfer case full reseal
battery tray
front upper and lower ball joints
dome light lens
heater fan switch
tie rod ends
front axle pinion seal
rear axle pinion seal
halogen headlights
rear brake lines, shoes, cylinders, seals, 2 tail pipes
custom made heavy duty running boards
fog lights (not wired yet)

Used Stuff I put on it.

seat from '69 GMC
16x7 Chrome Blade style wheels
grill and surround, logo
front axle shafts (later model D44)
Late 70's steering wheel
seat belts (3 people)
chrome front bumper
door weather seal

Stuff Not Installed that goes with it….

Warn Premium Locking Hubs, New
Rubber Cab Mount kit, New
Rocker panels, New
door hinge pin kit, New
hood cushion set, New
floor support overlap sheet metal, new front & Rear
8mm plug wires
rear sliding window
glove box lock and key