1982 Brat GL

compared to a different brat that has a 3" lift and 25.3" tires

Old pictures and detail build picture below...

Current Build Specs:

1982 Subaru Brat GL

EA81 Engine
--hydro lifter block halves
--EA71 pistons
--Delta Torque Cam
--Recurved Distributor
--Weber 32/36 carb with 155 mains
--MSD 6A Ignition
--Accel SuperCoil
D/R 5 Speed from an '89 Wagon.

315/70R17 BFG All-Terrains (for now)
105" wheelbase
52:1 crawl ratio

Custom Design and Fabrication for SAS done by Chris @ Midwest Customs.

Custom Built Stuff

--t-case cradle and mounts
--4 link rear, 3 link front suspensions
--lower links are all the same length
--Custom rollbar integrated with subframe
--Transaxle to t-case drive shaft. Soob on one end, Samurai on the other.
--Custom Driveshaft tunnel
--Steering linkage. machined toyota and Subaru pieces, welded together.
--cross-over steering
--custom routed exhaust
--shock mounts (using Ford Explorer, and Dodge Charger mounts)

Samurai Stuff

--divorced t-case with stock gears
--speedo cable

Toyota Stuff

--'86 Toyota 4 runner rear axle, 58" WMS, 4.10 gears
--'85 Toyota pickup front axle, 55" WMS + 2" wheel spacers to make it 59", 4.10 gears
--'86 Toyota IFS steering box
--'85 Toyota front and rear driveshafts to custom length.
--'83 FJ40 LandCruser vented rotors
--'90 4-Runner V6 Calipers, Front
--'97 4-Runner eBrake handle and cables (not yet installed)
--'85 Toyota pickup tow hook
--FJ80 Tie Rod Ends

Jeep Stuff

--Stock TJ Coils, front and rear
--TJ Bump Stops

Other Stuff

Power Steering Cooler
Warn Superwinch S4500 (yes, I know, it's too small)
Sears DieHard Platinum AGM Marine combo battery
Cragar Soft 8 wheels. 17x9 with 4" backspacing.
Trail Tough Rear Driveline Disconnect for Sammy t-case with Toyota driveshaft flange
Powertrax Lockright in rear
RCI 17 Gallon fuel cell with aftermarket fuel gauge in Pillar Pod
Doetsch Tech 8403 Shocks 32" extended, 18.5" compressed. (all 4 corners)
Ballistic Fabrication Coil retainers for TJ
Rubicon Express Large joints for TJ
Tera-Flex 2" TJ coil spacers in rear
Currie Forged Johnny Joints, 1" shank RH thread w/jams & tube adapters
All Pro Offroad
--Pitman Arm
--.25 wall tie rod
--2" wheel spacers
Low Range Off-Road
--Toyota 23MM Tie Rod End Bungs
--Toyota Driveline Adapter for Sami t-case
Poly Performance Stuff
--4 axle brackets, 2 rights and 2 lefts, all with a 10 degree offset
--4 adjustable link mount brackets
--4 tube link brackets, 2 rights and 2 lefts, all with 10* offset
--3 upper control arm brackets flat mount
--1 upper control arm axle bracket 8"
--8 bushing kits
WabFab Off-Road Slider adapter for Hi-Lift Jack

Custom Brake Configuration

--Subaru EA81 MC
--Subaru EA82 Hill Holder
--Subaru Hardlines - rebent/re-used
--Subaru EA81 front soft lines (2)
--Subaru EA81 T-fitting
--Toyota Truck Rear soft brake line
--Toyota Truck T-fitting
--Toyota Tercel rear brake lines (2)
--Toyota '83 FJ40 Rotors
--Toyota '90 V6 Calipers
--Toyota Truck Drums
--Custom Hardlines

Custom Power Steering Set-up

--Subaru EA81 PS Pump and lines
--Subaru Ps lines modified to mate up to Toyota lines
--Toyota IFS Steering Box and lines

Brat History/Build

This is what it looked like when I first got it in 2003. engine locked, no fluids anywhere...

Build Version 1 - Ozified BYB 4"/3" Lift kit, 27" BFG MTs, stock High Roof Bar, Custom bumpers (steel from a John Deer Combine) and brushguard

Added a 5 Speed after the 4 speed grenaded...

Modifyied the front bumper and added a winch

some nice shots of the Brat in 2007

after busting off the stock oil sender (through a skid plate) twice, I put in a remote oil sender.

added a Tonneau Cover

after clocking the torsion bar, had the torsion bar fail (couple years later). Added ea82 coilovers, and then the bushing failed, popping out the trailing arm, and giving me a really floppy tire... welded to make a solid A-frame type swing arm.

final picture before SAS Build. Had strut mount ripped out, and just ratchet strapped in place at this time...

Starting the SAS Build

Toyota frame remnants

hmmm. what's a 37" tire look like there....

new subframe. Soob frame rails were cut open, and new tubing was sunk into the existing rails, and welded in place.

Samurai transfer case, tunnel work, and custom mount/armor

New/modified engine/trans crossmembers

Brackets and joints for the link suspension

suspension - front

suspension - rear

Shocks. front upper mount utilized the soob strut mount with rubber removed as part of the custom mount. rear mounts used the larger studs from a Ford Explorer and Dodge Charger (70's)

Rear Axle

Front Axle

Test fitting with a 36" swamper

New tire (35") vs. old tire (27")


Steering and trackbar

Custom front bumper, welded into the frame rails to help support the new frame section for the Toyota steering

a little cutting for tire clearance

17 Gallon RCI Fuel cell. sunk into bed 6"

Rear roll cage

Battery and "Erector Set" hold-down

Getting the custom exhaust

Ignition Switch "Replacement"