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Boxer (4 cyl left and 6 cyl right) engine firing order animations were made by OhNoah and they are quite neat!  Thanks!  Middle image was made by MAV.

If a topic is not linked it is a suggested project for you experts out there.  I am open to all topics that you want added.  Just drop me an email.  If it isn't  linked and you need information on the topic please post on the Ultimate Subaru Message Board, and then if you feel expert enough to write up what others suggested and what you did please email your expertise.  Thanks!

Some topics may be in more than one category but have the same information.  This is done for quick finding of information.


SAE To Metric Table

Dash and temperature gauge Troubleshooting Tips.

COMPLETE set of wiring diagrams and diagnostic trouble shooter and codes in digital format for Liberty/Legacy from the EJ18 through to the turbo models.

EA82T 7mm hose from u know where tool trick!

85 FSM Scan of Transmission Svc Data with Gear Ratio info.

Jumping Tach
Ignition Coil
XT6 Alternator swap
Engine Cooling
Cooling Problems
Radiator Replacement
Coolant Flush
Thermostat Replacement
Engine Exhaust
Exhaust Studs
Air Suction Valve
Engine Fuel System
Weber Carb Install (Thumbnailed Version)
Weber Carb Install (All big pics)
Legacy Fuel Sending Units
Fuel Filters
Fuel Pump
Oil in Coolant
Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
Oil Change
Engine Misc...
Punch in the flywheel trick
Valve Adjustment
Coil and Ignition Wire Set Tips
Canister Purge Solenoid Valve-Legacy
Timing Belt info from Gates Company
Air Suction Valve
ECU Codes
Belt Replacement
Timing Setting
Head Gasket Replacement
Manual Transmission
5spd in EA81 4wd's! (just a start but will add more as people post it)
EA82 5 Speed swap into EA81 vehicle
EA81 Engine/Trans swap to 77-79 body style vehicle
EA81 Worn/Sloppy Shift Linkage and shirt throw mod
Worn Synchros
Automatic Transmission
Governor Gear or Word File on same Subject
Vacuum Modulator Replacement
Rear Differential
LSD Swap / Diff Exploded Views
Fluid Replacement
Front Diff Oil Chg
Rear Diff Oil Chg
Drive Axles
Air Suspension Conversion
EA82 Rear Struts mounted to Brat - board listing
EA82 Rear Struts mounted to Brat - write-up
Posture Adjustment
Gear Info
gear85fsm.jpg (159609 bytes)Scanned Image from FSM
Disc Brakes in the Rear
Steering Rack Replacement
Ball Joints
Bumper Swap
Powder coating
Adding Hood Vents to older Model Subarus
Rust Repair
Swapping Hatchback door on brat and vice versa.
General Door Swap
Exterior Door Handles
Hood Swap
Fender Swap
Door Locks
Pin striping
Paint Tips
Windshield Gaskets where to buy them link.
Windshield Replacement
Seat Swap
Steering Column Swap
Radio Console
Clock Fix
Dome Light Upgrade for EA81 Cars
Voltmeter Jumps with turn signal. Not Enough power for ACC part of fusebox.
Heating/Cooling Systems
AC Troubleshooting
Heater Core Replacement
Heater Fan Speeds
Resister Pack Info
Bigger Wheels
Full Sized Spare
Tire Pressure
Tire Rotation
Body Lift
Suspension Lift
AC Bracket for Body Lift Install
Fog Lights Install
Using Center Lamp without stock relay
CenterLamp Install without stock relay
Push bar Install

Stuff that tends to be found in your owners Manual

Driving Tips Reminder:  See also the FAQ section. How to have your Subaru Towed (doesnt happen often does it?)
Fuel Mileage for each model.. Towing Capacities/Capabilities (when towing something with your Subaru)  

Products used on cars, some of the boards favorites...links below.

Por15 Mill Supply (body panels for Subaru's including rockers!)

Parts Interchange (one manufacturers part no to another) List 

Specialty Tools List

Suggested Reading

Comments and suggestions

Neat engine pic scanned by Subaru Junkie...from an 83 brochure.  Ea81 engine/trans.engine.jpg (32556 bytes)

Here's an Ej20 turbo as used in a rally car too..ej20a.jpg (97082 bytes)

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