Steering Column/Ignition Switch Replacement

Work in progress/incomplete.  Email me if you need help with this procedure.

Disconnect the battery terminals before starting.

On EA81 Series cars I have found the best way to replace the ignition switch is to remove the column and swap the lock out of the column.  Working on your knees for an hour with tiny wrenches can give you quite a bit of pain.

Keep in mind you will need help getting the column back in, so find a buddy (god forbid your spouse), and bribe him or her early so you know you will be able to get your car back on the road soon.

To remove the column find the steering linkage inside the engine compartment.  Carefully remove the bolt and place it somewhere it wont get lost.

Remove the trim that is above your legs when driving.  2-3 screws along the bottom edge of the dash and a tab in the back hold it in.

Then get inside the vehicle and remove the ECU if necessary.  Be gentle.  Then unplug any wiring harnesses plugged to the column and mark them if necessary to avoid guessing which is which later.  Most models wont require labeling. 

Now find two large 15mm bolts, one has a grounding wire attached to it.  Slowly remove these and the column will attempt to fall onto you. 

Next back to the engine compartment and take note of how the end of the steering column aligns with the knuckle.  Take something large and pry open the linkage a little and then pull the column out.  A rubber mallet might be a handy tool here, be careful of the brake master if you use one.