Rear Differential Upgrade

Subj: upgrade
Date: 8/15/00 12:49:15 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Dawsons)

For 81 wagon but will work with any 4wd subaru i think

if you drive through deep rivers, ponds or mud holes, it is a good idea to put a breather on your rear diff to stop water aand mud contaminating your diff oil. this is necissary because when your diff heats up due to normal friction, gasses inside it heat up, expand, and are pushed out the seals of the diff. When you go through a river or something, the water cools down the diff and contracts the gasses again, making the diff suck in water through the seals.

This is done quite simplyy by droping the diff (very simple to work out how to do if you have a look at it, only 3 bolts). You then can see a plastic cover over a short pipe coming out of the top back of the diff. take this off and replace it with a small "L" shaped plastic bend (from garden shop) and on the end of that, a hose (eg garden) that will reach to your engine well, or any other high place on your car that will not be submerged. the hardest part is routing the pipe in a safe place, you just have to fiddle round with it untill you fing the right way. All this hose does is lett air escape and get in through a route that has less chance of being submerged and therefore will not let water into the diff.