Tool for water hose
In the post "about 80's subaru wagons", Bill Putney mentioned the advisability and the difficulty with changing the 7mm water hose between the manifold and the thermostat on the EA82 turbo engine.
The clamp under the intake manifold can only be seen with a mirror and is almost impossible to reach. After trying several shapes and lengths of needle nose pliers to reach and squeeze the clamp ears together, I bought a heavy duty hemostat from a surplus store for about $4.00. It is the tool that doctors use to clamp off blood vessels and latches closed when you grip something. I heated and bent the handles up about 45 degrees to clear everything and and allow room to operate my hands. I had to cut the noses down to about 2 inches because at full length they flexed too much to squeeze the ears completely together. Once I located the ears and latched the hemostat, I could slip the clamp off and on with ease-I should patent it!