Mick Reposted this from Scubydoo's previous post, so we have a start.  Then the boys from Australia will fill in the gaps too.  Maybe this will happen!

Re: Anyone swapped a 5sp. Hi-Lo into older roo...?

This was posted some time ago, and I saved it for my web site, but still haven't gotten around to adding.

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(3/27/00 10:38:08 pm)
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just 2 weeks ago i replaced the engine in a 86 gl-10 wagon 4x4
sombody (not me) had put a ea-81 in it
it still had the stock 5spd 4x4 dual range tranny in it
obviously whoever did the last engine swap screwed it up because the motor was blown to high heven
while i had the engine out i started looking at the clutch\flywheel arrangement
it had:
ea-81 flywheel (8 1/2")
ea-81 pressure plate (8 1/2")
ea-82 clutch disk (8 1/2")
so boys and girls thats how the ea-81 engine to ea-82 tranny setup is done!!!!


Thanks to McBrat and Scubydoo for above information.