The Electra Corsair Bass

'74-'76 "Corsair"

  • First appeared in 1974 catalog as 2278 Sunburst and 2279 Natural. 33.5" scale
  • Full width inlays, checkerboard binding. bolt neck.
  • Non-rick pickups, finger rest below neck pup.
  • in '76 cat, referred to as Cherry Sunburst, and Natural Maple.
  • Natural Maple model has maple fingerboard with full width black inlays. dark stain back and sides of body.
  • Bodies are 2 slab mahogony pancaked together, with maple caps.

    '76 (late) possibly.

  • transitional period. necks are bolt-neck, and glued in as well. 33.25" scale
  • Ric style pickups needed a deep neck route, compromising the neck strength (thus the glue used)
  • smaller inlays are used, and has a finger rest.
  • Natural model has maple fingerboard with small black triangle inlays, black sides and back of body.
  • Sunburst model has rosewood fingerboard.

    '77-'78? "Corsair Stereo" appears in '77 catalog.

  • Ric style pickups (both toaster and hi-gain, neck through, stereo option. copy of wavy grover tuners
  • smaller inlays. 1/2" neck pup spacing. no finger rest.
  • Natural Maple 2288, Sunburst 2289. both had rosewood fingerboard.
  • checkered binding style is 34" scale, and body is 30mm thick, 10mm skunk stripe
  • white binding style is 33.25" scale, and body is 35mm thick, 6mm skunk stripe

    '79 Corsair no longer appears in the catalogs.

    2278 Sunburst

    2279 Natural

    2279 Natural - Variant with glued/bolt neck

    2288 Natural - Neck Thru

    2289 Sunburst - Neck Thru

    2289 Sunburst - - Neck Thru, Variant, normal binding